Isnin, Julai 25, 2011

pencil and eraser

Pencil: You know,Im really sorry
Eraser: Sorry for what?U didnt do anything wrong
Pencil: Well,every time when i make mistake,u will b there to erase my  mistake. But,as time pass by,part of u r gone
Eraser: Uu see,Im made to do this.Even though i know one of these day I'll b gone,n u have to replace me with another.I'm still happy to do this job.So dont b sad!It worries me!

This is how true friends supposed to be like.

Can I be like the eraser?


I think, I’m not being a good person enough to the people around me.

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Adie Achim berkata...

Nice entry! bleh aku copy buat entri baru?
Dah follow! follow me back ok. TQ!

a i m z berkata...

nak copy? ambik ja la.
ni pon copy jugak.

typo ur name