Khamis, April 11, 2013

What Kind of Love Is In Your Heart

What Kind of Love Is In Your Heart??? :

You have storage love!!! Storage is love for your family. You and your family are very close. When something goes wrong or if you are questioning something you will go to your parents or a sibling for advice. Though you don't like to be disciplined you know its for your own good. You'd be devastated if you were ever cut off from them. I see a spouse and kids in your future.

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one more. 

Are you in love? :
Your confused. You think you like him/her one day, then the next day you don't. Or maybe you're just telling yourself that you don't like him/her, because you think that you guys wouldn't work out. All I can say is that you might not love this person... but you do like this person a little more than just a friend. All I can say is follow your heart. Not the words of others.

Jawapan yang aku dapat tuh agak agak kena dengan aku. Tu yang best tuhh.

.:: Hehe. P la try kuiz kuiz yang ada tuh. Best sekadar suka suki. ::.

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