Jumaat, Jun 17, 2011

tenkiu hotspot.


Aku dah malas nak taip banyak banyak sebab aku memang malas menaip pon. Hahaha.
Aku just nak letak satu lagu yang best zaman dulu kala.
Lagu ni bertemakan pasai persahabatan. Ok.
nah hayati la lagu ni. ngeh3.

A Shoulder to Cry On 
Tommy Page 

Life is full of lots of up and downs, 
And the distance feels further 
When you're headed for the ground, 
And there is nothing more painful 
Than to let you're feelings take you down, 

It's so hard to know 
The way you feel inside, 
When there's many thoughts 
And feelings that you hide, 
But you might feel better 
If you let me walk with you by your side, 


And when you need a shoulder to cry on, 
When you need a friend to rely on, 
When the whole world is gone, 
You won't be alone, 
cause I'll be there, 

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